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I just dont like PJ together because I think Pacey can do so much better. As annoying as Pacey’s insecurities are, Joey just picks fights with him all the time. She did it with Dawson too. I just find her so obnoxious. She was just making up reasons to get mad at Pacey the entire episode and it was getting so old.

I’m glad they finally had sex so we don’t have to listen to them talk in circles about the conversation over and over again. But I really dont think it was the right time for them to do it after Pacey admits he believes thats he wants there fist time to be with Dawson. I mean, just YIKES. How can DJ shippers just move on when he’s constantly being brought up in their arguments?

I do think it was realistic for PJ to have sex. I just think it would have been far more realistic had they done it on the boat. You can't beat those first months of heady passion, teenage hormones, enclosed space and no family around as reasons for sex.
Totally agree with this.

I will say though I did enjoy the PJ scene though because everything Joey said was entirely true. But we already know that Pacey is an amazing guy . How she held out for 9 months I will never know haha. (though I am glad they talked about it because at least not his show they are treating sex like it means something and arent portraying their characters just sleeping around).

Dawson’s storyline was pretty boring to me, but I think it was definitely something that Dawson would struggle over so it made sense. I really enjoyed the DJ convo on the phone. I like that those two are still getting scenes together at least.

Jack/Jen were sorta cute, but it was also weird to throw those two together when we know that Jack is gay. Had Jack not been gay they would have been a really adorable pairing but because he is, it just feels stupid.
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