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no the angst wouldnt be dragged out really, they would just date other people lol. they could be on friend terms by the start of season 4 and then it could come back around later.

I actually liked how Naley didn't date anyone else after they got together in S1, especially since everyone else was changing partners like they did t-shirts lol and the show needed a couple that.
meh I dont think it "needed" it. A show with a couple together for 9 seasons is just too much and it got really stale and boring to me.

NH getting married was just unrealistic to me because it didnt seem like they liked each other THAT much. they were still juniors and it seemed OOC for me for EITHER of them to get married. Haley was a smart girl that i just dont think would have done it that early, shes a rational thinker. And Nathan imo wouldnt have been THAT serious with haley that quick, he seems like the type that would have been a bit scared of that commitment since he was scared to date her in the first place.

Peyton definitely missed Luke a lot, but the writers had her acted way too clingy with Jake in the second half of S2 for a lot of people to believe she was still into Luke. Those hints were something only an LP fan would see and not some casual fan.
I think thats true but only because casual viewers arent really aware of everything that happened. i started the show in season 2 and didnt even know LP had been together. But that doesnt mean that she was over Lucas. Mark maybe in the back of his head always intended for it not to be over between them, even if it wasnt obvious to casual viewers yet.

i mean casual viewers probably thought BL made a great couple in season 3. But anyone with a brain and eyes would have seen how toxic they were and how they were being written as not working.

I do agree about the peyton box, I wish peyton would have asked lucas bout it. but knowing him and his denial he would have just said he forgot to throw it out. it would have been cool to see the peyton box again in season 6 or something though.

I don't know if it would have icky writing tbh, since it's not like every same sex couple lasts. Besides Peyton, who else would you have done that storyline for with the girls on the show?
it would be icky writing because they already established that lP were meant to end up together so it would have been just a ploy to make a character bisexual. the only way it would have worked imho is if peyton dated another female after anna so it was establshed she wasnt just experimenting, and then in that case she wouldnt have been able to be with lucas for a really long time. iDK, i just wouldnt be a fan of that at all.

i think rachel or bevin being bisexual could have been an interesting way to go, or shelly the clean teen. or even quinn could have been bisexual since her introduction, or alex. there was a lot of options. and the one thing OTH sucked at was showing gay or bi representation. We only had Anna and then that gay character in season 7 i think, but even he got no focus.
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