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Matt, I took the articles and Damon saying there were creative decisions to mean that the show/network wanted to go in a different direction, not that Damon wanted things to have creative decisions.

The deadline article said "Gupton’s departure is part of a creative change on the show". And like you said, Damon himself mentioned creative changes for his departure. But I don't think it was so much Damon being unhappy but rather the show/CBS wanted to go a different direction.

CBS was just asking for feedback. I'm sure some fans sent in complaints about the Walker character. Erica herself even said they didn't want the extra character but CBS forced it. So I'm sure they just decided "Okay, we'll just dump this guy".

Damon seemed pretty shocked and upset about being let go. If I were unhappy with the creative decisions on a show and brought them up and was then let go, I wouldn't be surprised that I was let go. Upset, sure, but not surprised. Damon seemed blindsided by the information and according to his letter it seems the cast and crew seemed surprised by the news as well.
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