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This is the second episode after Davina return to life, and no one mention her. So do Marcel even know that Davina is back? It seem l like neither Vincent, nor Marcel know that Davina is back since there was no mention of her during the entire episodes. I was shock that Josh haven't told Marcel. But I'm even more shock that Davina hasn't visit them since she came back to life. Unless Davina told them off screen.

We also find out the Hilton's followers that Hope is more powerful then Davina. The hollow followers said that the hollow was locking herself inside one of the most powerful witch of our times. The hollow lock itself inside of Hope Mikaelson.

I love the scene when Hayley go to visit Hope and ask her what she was doing and she said drawing, but there is nothing on the page. Harley say goodbye to Hope and tried to give Hope a two finger kiss ( a term of endearment between mother and daughter) . Hayley kiss her 2 finger and held it up for Hope to do the same. The look that HollowHope gave Hayley was like a cross between "WTF!?", and disgusted. Summer Fontana is great as the hollow. She has a lot of range for someone so young. I love all her scene between her and Joseph Morgan. They truly seem like father and daughter. I wish we had some scenes between Hope and Elijah. But I guess that's not going to happen now that Hayley broke up with him. Harley broke up with Elijah because of the incident that happened in his subconscious behind the red door while he was technically dead. Because of that she once again come to the conclusion that she must take Hope away from her family (who probably can protect her better then Hayley ). This reminds me of the time she was going to run away with Jackson. It also reminds me of why I don't like Hayley. Harley is only a Mikaelson when it's suit her. The character of Hayley seem to be too judgmental, and wishy washy to be taken seriously.

Goodbye to Haylijah . Elijah deserve so much better.

Marcel still have a ban on everything Mikaelson. I truly am tried of Marcel's Mikaelson hate. His character always seem more of a enemy then a friend. I never got the idea that he ever cared for them at all. He always seem like he use them as a end to a means. Which makes it hard for me to feel anything for his character.

Rebecca goes to Marcel to ask if he would left the ban, and while he didn't say no, he also didn't say yes. I really have hope that would be a wake up call to Rebecca that Marcel don't love her and never had. I can't recall a time that Marcel ever showed Rebecca that he loved her. Not killing someone , do not mean that he loves her. It could just means that he still might have a use for her. If Rebecca return next season , let's hope she move on from Marcel for good.

Vincent tries to put the hollow back in the book. But fail . He tells the Mikaelson that the only way they going to defeat the hollow they have to promise never to see each other again. So does that means a end to always and forever? How will season five play out if the Mikaelsons won't be able to go never each other?
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