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I'm just going to say this and move on.

I didn't call anyone lying jerks, so don't put words in my mouth.

I'm simply saying that this is a common tactic used by cast/crew/showrunners to smooth over any possible backlash. It is not the first time a show team has done it and it won't be the last. It has nothing to do with anyone being lying jerks but simply it is the business and that's what they'd have been told to do. Fans naturally will want to side with the show they love and networks get the blame and that's fine because networks get blamed all the time so they don't care and the show gets the nice warm send off by fans. It's win win for everyone.

The reaction here is proof that it works.

I am suspect of this show and this showrunning staff because it has a history of ill-planning and tendency to forget plots and characters at the drop of a hat and never give resolution and the finale was the worst offender of it, a culmination of all the show's worst ill-planned tendencies coming to life.

Maybe they were caught off guard, maybe they did the best they could, but a team with a stronger history of good planning and steady storylines would have done better and that is a blight against this showrunning team whose questionable record now with bad circumstances only ends up highlighting the worst.
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