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^ I figured that's what you meant. The thing is... they were already halfway done with filming when they got the news. Some of the actors had even wrapped for the season. Even if they did have alternate endings planned for the other characters, they would not have had the chance to start over from the beginning and film them. I assume they weren't given the time (or the budget) to reshoot what was already done or add additional scenes. They had to work with what they had already shot for the episode - which was obviously meant to set up Season 5.

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I don't get why you are so intent on blaming the showrunners and production teams for this when basically everyone on the show laid out what happened. So they are all lying jerks? Ok. It's not like they were angerly blaming the network either, they were just telling everyone exactly what happened and everything we saw supports it. They were given a S4, they were probably going to get a S5 with 8 episodes. But just in case that changed they were told to write a series finale...only to be cancelled mid shooting the finale.

Not sure what you wanted them to do. Hard to write S4 as the final season when you are told there's a good chance you might get a S5. The showrunners and producers wanted to give the show closure as much as we wanted to see it in full.

I get being upset, it wasn't my total ideal ending either but all this anger at the show seems so misplaced.
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