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Originally Posted by NotDoneAbusingYou (View Post)
There were numerous social media posts from cast and crew that pretty much tells you they had no idea. They did know it was a possibility...but not a given.

The Originals had the exact same thing happen and they were picked up. So why would a cut episode order or a push back mean anything final?

Why would thwy have mentioned a possible 8 epiaode wrap up....tbat seems awfully specific since its an uncommon number....sounds more to me like then network gave them hope and then screwed them over.
That's the impression that I got, too. Just because they got a cut episode order doesn't mean anything was certain or final. No one was absurd for hoping that they would at least get enough time to wrap things up properly. Everyone worked really hard on Season 4, and IMO, it was one of the best. They had every reason to feel proud of it and feel optimistic.
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