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I've seen that afterbuzz interview and I'll tell you one thing, this is Hollywood, cast and crew of cancelled shows with rushed endings will always make claims that they didn't know in order to shift the blame. This is not a new tactic, this is typical hollywood. And in this case, the actors would have been told what they should say in order to stay on good behavior basically and keep good connections. You're not gonna find actors or crew hating on their own show and writing staff, they're gonna try their best to smooth over any perceived blame, and by saying they weren't told and such is the best way to save face.

There's no way they didn't know, and if they didn't, then they were arrogant and overly optimistic, which isn't any better, because getting a 16 episode season should have sent all the alarm bells to be ready for cancellation - season 4 was already a miracle renew in itself, season 5 should have been a pipe dream at best, not any level of certainty.

I don't blame the network one bit on this. This is all on the showrunners and production team. Actors are actors, they aren't always informed and they will say what they're told. But there's no way the showrunners/production team didn't know. Especially when sources have stated that they had talks about the fate of the show before and being ready for the ending.

Nobody should have thought they'd get a season 5, especially the showrunner, unless their heads are in the clouds and aren't being realistic.

I'm sorry but I just don't buy that they didn't know. Cast and lower tier crew and some writers maybe, but not the showrunner. I recently worked on a new show that had a cancellation and you'd be surprised how in constant contact showrunners and network actually are. Or that people involved in the production had a script to follow of what they should say about the show when certain issues are asked. I was even told how I couldn't tweet certain opinions about stuff in the show to the point where I just stayed off talking about the show at all on twitter. As much as this is a show for entertainment, it is also a business made on reputations and garnering support in playing the audience.

So really the fact Reign team didn't see the writing on the wall, when it was clearly there, is just really really absurd.

Maybe they thought if they go ahead and act like a season 5 is coming then that might get the network incentive to give a green light to season 5 so they can properly end the story, yes some shows try to use that tactic to leverage for renewals because networks like selling complete stories, and maybe that's what they tried here but it obviously didn't work to their detriment.

They were given 16 episodes for season 4, there was no reason for them to think they'd get any episodes for season 5 after that. They should have planned immediately for possible finale material instead of setting up a whole bunch of new storylines never resolved. I mean, really, this is not the first show to get last minute decisions on renewals and cancellation news and having to be ready with a finale that could work either way. This is why this finale is particularly frustrating to me and why I simply don't buy the excuses dolled out. Other shows have walked this same path and delivered just fine under the same or even more unfavorable circumstances.

I don't mean to sound harsh about it but it's just really upsetting me that this show I really loved and thought had such a huge potential to do something really great goes out in a way that's just absolutely disappointing to me and smacks of bad show management. Especially when this cast delivers every week. I didn't want this finale to just end feeling "meh" yet that's what it ended up feeling like.
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