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I was only dissapointed in a few things.

We had to hear Mary'a letter to Elizabeth a second time. A whole hear something we already heard. Time that could have better been used for giving some closure to french court.

Then there's the ending montage..not the frary reunion....just the flash backs. went on longer than necessary...especially when showing so many scenes from THIS SEASON...why not show more older scenes. Why show what we just saw LAST WEEK. Another waste of precious time. Secondly, who edited that montage? The music choice (while it was a fantastic song) did not fit at all and there was no fliw to it. No emotion. There should have been some aort of transitions for the clips. It's like they weren't even trying. Like they said...we have one will notice we were lazy.

Lastly, when Mary was led out to her execution...SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD A PRIEST. Historically she was not allowed a catholic priest. This was a big deal. If tbey needed a character to walk out with her and tell her about James, it should have been Greer since ahe had her ladies still with her at the end. Also, I'm a little bitter that she didnt say "in my end is my beginning" when she put her head in the block.
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