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Watched the finale, I had read the history of the period, so knew what happened at the end and wasn't surprised or caught unaware by Mary's death. I, however, was one of the fans who was disappointed in the ending .....not surprised, just disappointed. The last few minutes were so quickly enacted that I couldn't catch my breath between scenes.....had no time to process what was happening. The back story of Reign was history. It wasn't like some historical dramas where the writers can create fictional stories from whole cloth.......It was what it was and history couldn't be changed. I'm sure that the story would have been told better with more time and perhaps at a slower pace.

But I dearly loved the show. I have always said the actors on Reign were literally the most beautiful people on television. Each actor was a vision to watch. Whoever chose the actors who portrayed each character knew what they were doing. I commend that person. I will truly miss watching the show. Hope to be able to keep up with each actor from the show in the future.
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