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Regina and Emma are working together on finding Henry. He went to see Hook for some advice about Violet. Hook gave Henry tips about how to be confident yet sweet towards her and let things happen. Robin saw Regina and Henry earlier shopping for the big Dance festival that they wanted everything to go to. Afterwards they saw an other person going too. Snow has some news to tell everyone about herself and charming and their family. Emma was trying to see if Hook would win the dance off, so he could get a moment of happiness with Emma. Regina said that she knew what everyone wanted. She later visited Gold to get a gift for Henry. She decided that a puppy would be the perfect present. After the night she went home, she took the puppy and gave him a loving bath making. then she took the puppy away for every one that they were even about. Henry saw some wrapping up of the gift that seemed to move some light. and many people were there looking for the glowing piece of rock with magic throughout the town and then they were so happy and cried soft into their pillow trying to sleep. Zelena saw that munchkins had built rainbows that had exploded brightly. Hook saw Henry running away from the diner with other people who were going home. Regina Mills was in the town when Robin saw she was scared and confused about what was happening to
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