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If anyone missed the Reign Afterbuzz show I highly recommend watching it on youtube. It's nearly 2 hours long and Adelaide, Craig, Ben are on the whole time with appearances from Spencer, the girl who plays Keira, and John Knox.

It's a great final interview but Adelaide also says that they thought they were going to get a S5 that would be about 8 episodes to wrap it all up properly. Sadly, it didn't happen

Per the writers - Season Five would have also brought the dark side of Bothwell, Mary's continual fight for her throne complete with seiges, on the run chaos and her eventual breakout of Loch Leven castle courtesy of Bash, the religious massacre in France, and the rise of Walsingham in England who is the ultimate reason for Mary's downfall.

I understand being disappointed with the finale. I really do. I wanted more closure for characters and storylines, too. I'm not making excuses for Laurie or for the writers. Obviously, I have not always agreed with the choices they have made throughout the series. But in the case of the finale... I guess I just blame the network more. There was no reason they couldn't at least have given them more warning so they could film a more cohesive final episode.
Completely agree. The finale is a product of cancellation mid shooting. There's not much you can do when you go into filming thinking you are getting a S5 only to be told nevermind halfway through shooting the finale. For the circumstances, I thought they did an amazing job even if there was so much more I wanted to see. I could kiss Laurie for filming the Frary stuff before Toby left. Love that it was always endgame.
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