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Favorite Memori Scenes

Round 1

Vote for your least favorite scene. The first scene to receive five votes or the one with the most votes after 72 hours will be eliminated.

1. Bonding in the Dead Zone (2x12)

Emori: What about you? How did you end up in the Dead Zone?
Murphy: I could tell you the gory details, but since you're one of the few people on this planet
who doesn't hate me at the moment, I don't think I want to blow it.
Emori: Now I'm interested.

2. You Don’t Have a Map? (2x12)

Murphy: Oh, what a surprise. You're just like everyone else.
Emori: [whispers location of City of Light] Good luck, John.

3. Check Out My Boat (3x01)

Emori: John? I don’t believe it.
Murphy: Emori?
Emori: What are you waiting for? Come on.
Jaha: Change your mind?
Murphy: Bite me.

4. Our First Crime Together(3x02)

Emori: Whatever’s in there, we’ll split it three ways. You earned that.
Murphy: Yeah, and all we had to do was kill a guy.
Emori: Thank you for saving my life.

5. First Date Banditry (3x05)

Murphy: What did he say?
Emori: He said you're cute for a thief.
Murphy: Yeah, well, too bad he's not really my type.

6. I Sell Rats Now (3x12)

Emori: Hey, stranger, care for a bite?
Murphy: Emori, what the hell are you doing here?
Emori: Cooking rats. The old vendor was brutally attacked on the road. It's dangerous out there.
Murphy: Yeah. Clearly, it is.

7. Chipped Sexy Times (3x12)

Emori: Are you sure no one will come in?
Murphy: Does it seem like I'm sure?

8. Bye Bye Backpack (3x14)

Emori: If you destroy it, our minds will be gone forever. I'll be gone forever, John.
Murphy: I can't.

9. Finally Unchipped! (3x16)

Emori: John...
Murphy: Hey, hey.
Emori: I'm so sorry, John.
Murphy: It's okay. It's okay.

10. Ready to Bail (4x01)

Murphy: What, are you gonna bail on me again?
Emori: I didn't bail on you I came back. I took the damn chip because Jaha said he would take me to you.
Murphy: Hey, come with me to Arkadia. I'm serious. Emori, ok, we can be together there. My people will protect you.
Emori: You sure about that? How many times have they cast you out?
Murphy: It's different now, they owe me. Ok, please. Come on.
Emori: Ok.

11. BRB Babe, Gotta Go Steal (4x03)

Emori: Where are you going?
Murphy: I'm gonna go to Arkadia.
Emori: What? Why?
Murphy: I'm a better thief than I am a hunter.
Emori: I'll come with you.
Murphy: No. I'll draw less attention alone. Tonight we feast.
Emori: Ok.

12. Invisible Fences Don’t Scare Me (4x04)

Abby: What's wrong?
Emori: ALIE's rules... no frikdreina past this line. I've never crossed it.
Jackson: Frikdreina?
Emori: Mutants.
Murphy: I never met a line I wouldn't cross.

13. Domestic Bliss (4x07)

Emori: A good randzi is rare. John would be celebrated by any clan.
Clarke: Yeah, he’s a real catch.

14. Girl, I Like Your Schemes (4x07)

Murphy: I hope he survives.
Emori: Me too.
Murphy: Then you can kill him.
Emori: Why would I do that?
Murphy: It wasn’t him? Emori, who is he?
Emori: Someone other than me who’s going into that oven.
Murphy: Now that, that’s a survivor’s move.

15. Angst in the Lab (4x08)

Emori: John, enough. You can’t stop this.
John: No. No, Emori I’m not letting this happen to you.
Emori: You have to.
Murphy: What?
Emori: John, listen to me. Make them think you’re okay with this. We make Clarke think you’re still with her.
Murphy: Emori, I’ll kill her if she even thinks about hurting-
Emori: No. Damn it, John. Think! Don’t give them a reason to pick you next. Survive, please.

16. Left Behind? (4x09)

Emori: They’re not coming back, John.
Murphy: So we go to Polis ourselves.
Emori: The boat’s on the wrong side of the water. We’ll never make it.
Murphy: Then I guess we ride out the storm in the lighthouse bunker.
Emori: For five years? We’ll starve.
Murphy: Who needs food when you have love, right?

17. Bunker Buddies (4x12)

Murphy: Emori!
Emori: John?
Murphy: Hey, did they hurt you?
Emori: I heard the warriors talking. There’s only room for a hundred Arkadians in this bunker.

18. Backseat of Your Rover (4x12)

Emori: It felt good to be safe. I never felt that way before. Like I had a home.
Murphy: Hey, your home is with me, okay.

19. Low on Oxygen (4x13)

Murphy: Fifteen percent, that’s ten minutes of air left.
Emori: Seventeen percent.
Murphy: That’s good. At least I don’t have to watch you die.

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