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Originally Posted by soup333 (View Post)
I think they have stepped in...

I'm not sure Clare would care if people wanted her character killed off. They've been saying that about Juliette forever. Wishing she'd died back when she had PPD and I just read where someone said they'd rather she'd have died instead of Rayna. I've seen people say that about Maddie too.

Clare was also kind of pushing this whole independent Scarlett thing, but I really don't think it's going over like they expected it to. Not that they care, but it's gotten progressively worse since 505. Her actions just don't make any sense at all. But hell, when you have Callie herself writing **** like this, what can you say? I can't even blame this one on the new guys.
There is nothing independent about Scarlett's story. I don't get how Callie doesn't see that. If they wanted her to be this independent person she should have got her own place. And I don't even mean Deacon's house. I mean start new! A real independent start for her. She should have dropped Gunnar because she's anything but independent when it comes to him, she needs him more than she admits. Then she would be free to date and sleep with Damien as she saw fit. Her entire storyline is anything but strong/independent. Being cruel and self-righteous is not strength. I don't know anything about her anymore. What are her dreams? Hell if I know because she doesn't seem to care for fame, she gives bad advice about the industry, all these amazing things have happened in her career and I don't think she's smiled about it once. Never grateful for her fortune when it comes to the life she gets to lead. Just constant, I'm so sad because I love two guys! It's so awful boo-hoo feel sorry for me. God is punishing me for having fun with Damien. No you slept with him and didn't use a condom when you barely know the guy, own your bad choice. Not once has she talked about her baby. Then she ends it with Damien because she wants stability. What that says to me is that she's going to use Gunnar. Not the strength I was hoping for. They didn't even tell Damien he could see the baby whenever he likes. Literally nothing about the baby! I think it just makes it clear that the writers aren't writing with the baby in mind already. There will be no baby. I hate when shows throw miscarriages into storylines for drama. It always just seems like a last effort to create drama and then they handle them terribly! She's over 12 weeks pregnant and I bet they'll just have it be over super easy. When no, that's not how it works. This would be traumatic and its insensitive for the writers to pretend it's easy because they don't want to write the hard stuff

Rant over! I know it's redundant

Crystal, I'm 100% with you. The storylines are moving faster! Which is good because it seemed like they chose the most unnecessary scenes to drag on.
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