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First of all, we need to clarify that the writers did NOT know for sure that this was going to be their final season. Everyone seemed very hopeful that they would be renewed (or at least get a short Season 5 to wrap things up.) I can't blame them for that, considering that they hadn't received any confirmation from the network before they began filming the finale. And we don't know what the network had told them previously. They made the decision to start filming an episode that would set up the next season. When they got the bad news, they were mid-way through filming, and it's not likely that they were given the time or the budget to re-shoot scenes or add additional scenes, even if they did have alternate endings prepared. For goodness sake, they filmed the ultimate ending almost TWO YEARS ago before Toby left to make sure that they had it ready to go whenever the show ended. IMO, that is not being unprepared, unprofessional or amateur. Especially as a Frary fan, I'm so grateful they were as prepared as they were!

I understand being disappointed with the finale. I really do. I wanted more closure for characters and storylines, too. I'm not making excuses for Laurie or for the writers. Obviously, I have not always agreed with the choices they have made throughout the series. But in the case of the finale... I guess I just blame the network more. There was no reason they couldn't at least have given them more warning so they could film a more cohesive final episode.
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