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One thing I have noticed, at least I think I have, is that the pace of the show has picked up. In the begining of S5, Marshall made a big point about slowing down the pace and letting scenes breathe. I thought that just took the energy out of the show and some of the longer scenes felt redundant. Remember when Rayna spent an entire episode badgering Deacon into doing an album with her?

I know some people liked the change of pace, and I agree that the old way was too frenetic. But I thought they went too far in the other direction and it made the show kind of boring sometimes.

Anyway, it seems like that idea has been dropped. Scenes move faster, and some of them are very short again, which I think is necessary sometimes. There's less of letting the camera linger on someone as they stare off into space or rub their eyes as they wake up in a van. LOL They cut to the chase quicker, imo, and it makes for tighter episodes.

Or am I just hallucinating this? LOL
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