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Originally Posted by Jp10ah (View Post)
How do the writers not know?! They're making her say "I don't know" all the time about everything. They have to know they're making her annoying by the things they make her say. "It's about the baby" nothing is about the baby! Not one person talked about the baby except Damien. It's like she's oblivious that a baby is coming. I'm so sick of her crying about her indecisiveness. And it's not even what she says it's how Clare acts. Always offended/shocked/scared looking. The directors need to step in because she never used to act like this
I think they have stepped in...

I'm not sure Clare would care if people wanted her character killed off. They've been saying that about Juliette forever. Wishing she'd died back when she had PPD and I just read where someone said they'd rather she'd have died instead of Rayna. I've seen people say that about Maddie too.

Clare was also kind of pushing this whole independent Scarlett thing, but I really don't think it's going over like they expected it to. Not that they care, but it's gotten progressively worse since 505. Her actions just don't make any sense at all. But hell, when you have Callie herself writing **** like this, what can you say? I can't even blame this one on the new guys.
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