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Originally Posted by nashville fan (View Post)
^ Steven L. Betts did a great writeup for this episode. I laughed throughout the whole article.....something I haven't done lately when reading anything about the show.That felt really good. More, More, I want more of this kind of reviews.

Also I totally agree that the comments concerning Clare/Scarlett posted by Facebook and Twitter fans have been brutal in their opinions about what has happened to Scarlett. You would think the showrunners would read this stuff and pick up on fans' displeasure. I believe the ones who share their ideas are only a minute number of people who feel the same way but haven't relayed their sentiments. It makes me very sad when I read the posts, but I must admit I usually agree with the majority of them. I wish the alien that abducted Scarlett and left her in this AU would go back home and leave her alone.
How do the writers not know?! They're making her say "I don't know" all the time about everything. They have to know they're making her annoying by the things they make her say. "It's about the baby" nothing is about the baby! Not one person talked about the baby except Damien. It's like she's oblivious that a baby is coming. I'm so sick of her crying about her indecisiveness. And it's not even what she says it's how Clare acts. Always offended/shocked/scared looking. The directors need to step in because she never used to act like this
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