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Originally Posted by BryceLarkinFanForever (View Post)
I don't understand how a show that came on this season knowing they were shortened and this would be the final season, could not have been prepared for that ending with a far more cohesive finale than what we got. It's not like this cancellation was out of the left field, if anything, the show getting a shortened final season was more shocking. They should have known this was a possibility and prepare for it. This is show running 101, seriously, the fact that they didn't have a contingency plan and had to cobble up a quick one using flashfoward is just so lazy, so unprofessional. The news may have came out towards end of last year but they knew what the stakes were long before that because the production team and network were already talking about the fate of the show, this wasn't a shocking thing, they always knew the numbers didn't look good. I know people are trying to be nice about it and smooth it over with how "well they were cancelled mid shooting" but honestly, no, this is just bad show running and incredibly ill-planned. A better showrunning team that was actually prepared and had contingency plans would have never had this issue. It's so amateur.

This is indicative of unprepared by-the-seat-of-their-pants show running/writing they've been doing since season 2 really, so I guess I really shouldn't have been surprised.

It's just so frustrating and disappointing really, because this show had potential to do something so much better and so much of it was wasted. This show kicked itself off the air honestly, is it any wonder they were bleeding out cast members left and right.

This cast is honestly the only reason it's not a complete disaster, they're the ones doing above and beyond their jobs to carry the show. The only thing the finale got right in the story writing is Mary and Francis reuniting, that saved everything because if nothing else, at least they got this one thing right.

This cast deserves so much better. This cast is so incredibly talented.
I haven't watched since the back half of s2, but somehow I am not surprised. Laurie has always suffered from a great dose of hubris.
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