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Yes, when I was interviewed the previous teacher was sitting in the room. They want the input of the previous teacher as they know best what the job entails and who would be the best fit for it. However since it is the summer, I think they would give me a choice to come in or not. Of course it would be courtesy to agree to be part of the interview committee. I want to leave a good impression for my new principal as well.

Thanks everyone! Lindsay, there are similarities but I would be working with a range of grade levels and not just preschool-aged children. I'd be responsible for Kindergarten through 6th grade, providing support in the form of inclusion and pull-out to students who receive Special Education services as stated in their IEPs. I would still be leading ARD meetings as I have and writing the IEPs. I will have a larger caseload (more students) but not at once since each student has different needs. You all know how I am. I'm always up for a challenge!
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