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Originally Posted by eternalâ—˜fate (View Post)
I of course appreciate your post, I know how much you loved this show and even try to post here but it's difficult. I don't think it's fair for anyone to feel obligated because we should post because of the joy we have of posting and it's better to do that with a lot of regular posting.

I think you've been as helpful as you could and I hope in real life, you feel better.

I think I'll make peace better now for the board to go instead of it just closing to low post count which is eventually what will happen since a lot of people don't post on this board.
I am so sorry that there is no way for this. I can't even keep up with my board and I tried to post here as much as possible for me. So even tho I want to try and help you out more for here I just can't make a promise. It's really saddening but I agree with everything you said

We can open a thread under TV thread and share our love there
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