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Originally Posted by Lenka5 (View Post)
Sad that probably nobody asked about Regina/Rumple relationship because that was rare opportunity to hear Bobby talk about them....

The only mention of Lana I came across was that he answered the question about best kisser and he said Emilie because they have a real story and that kissing Bex was weird and Lana even weirder... yeah romantic RR really is not my favorite and seems that Bobby also wasn't fan...
But I was hoping for talking about RR relationship overall or about working with Lana...
I would have liked it too, but since the entire "Gold" family was there at the con, I can understand why the focus for him was on family. This was probably a one time only experience for Rumbelle family fans.

Thanks for the spoiler... I really don't understand what does it mean and what we should expect...I am confused.
I have a guess on this, but I'll post it on the spoiler thread since it's based on spoilers for season 7.
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