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Episode was okay--nothing great. I'm thinking it's more of a set up for the finale next week.

Can't believe it's the finale next week. Seems like they will be jamming too much into one episode. I have so many where has Vincent been all this time? Is it possible he won't be going dark after all?

I may be in the minority, but I have really enjoyed this season. I didn't expect to. However, it is not without its flaws.

I LOVE the new Klaus (that scene between he and Hope this week was SO SWEET.) However, I miss Klaus being the center of the action. Don't necessarily want him going on a killing spree anytime soon, but it was nice to see him as the one who had the plan. Again, it doesn't have to be an evil plan, but it could still be crafty.

I also like that the show is exploring Freya as an individual by showing her struggles with vulnerability in falling in love. (Still think it would have been more interesting had she had a crush on Vincent, but whatever.)

And I LOVE Vincent.

HOWEVER, everyone used to revolve around THE ORIGINAL FAMILY--specifically KLAUS. Now, everyone revolves around VINCENT. It makes sense that Vincent has a bigger role to play this year, because he knows the most about the Hollow. And he's a scene stealer--I love him. However, he seems to be the protagonist, instead of Klaus, and Vincent is a minor character. When they try to make up for that by just making him disappear for an episode or two, you only miss him more!

They could have solved this dilemma by revealing Vincent as the real villain, instead of the Hollow. All signs point to it. It could still happen in the finale, but there isn't much time left to do it justice. It's as if they are afraid of being called predictable. Just because the audience predicts something will happen doesn't mean it has to be boring. It is called foreshadowing. It's not that it's been done or not done before that makes it exciting. It's how you do it.

The Hollow was more interesting when she was not flesh, anyway. She's not UN-interesting now, but they have built her up to be essentially unkillable, even as flesh and blood. Original vampires like Klaus can't even fight her--they can't even get near her. So there's not much for them to do. A witch will have to defeat her. You'd think FREYA would then fill that role, being one of the most powerful witches of all time AND an ORIGINAL, but instead, VINCENT is the focus.

I don't mean to be overly critical. There are a lot of elements to this season that I like:

Marcel and Klaus beginning to make peace.

Exploring Hayley's past

The "real Elijah" behind the red door.

"Ghosts" from the past, such as Cami, Davina, and Jackson, manifesting as images and memories in the characters' pasts.

The return of Rebekah and Marcel's relationship, which they had randomly dropped in earlier seasons.

The return of Rebekah and Kol.

Hope being a real character rather than a prop. However, she doesn't take the focus off the main characters. She's involved just enough. Plus the actress is pretty good. This week it was interesting to see her one scene as a scared child and the next a powerful being.

It's just the proportions are off. I hope they have time to finish the recipe by the finale.
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