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I was trying to think about why I first stopped watching. Mine was more because I had just had a baby and also I HATED that Lola and Francis baby story. I had a pregnancy loss of my own before having my son so that storyline of Lola having Francis's only child while poor Mary had to sit by and watch that rubbed in her face while having a miscarriage herself sooo pissed me off.

My Lola hate was through the roof. Even so, I always kept up with the show online and when I did start watching full time again I was like "WHY did I ever stop watching?! This show is amazing!"

I've said it a lot but for me that Monde mess was definitely less painful when watching it straight through on Netflix. You don't have the week to week drag that made the Lola stuff so painful for me when I was watching live.

I can't argue with anyone disappointed in the finale either. It wasn't my overall ideal finale but given the circumstances of being cancelled mid shooting that finale I think they did an incredible job at least with Mary's ending. I expected to hate it and be disappointed and was completely caught happily off guard with the Frary ending. Now I can go back and watch it all over again knowing at least in death Mary got a happy ending.
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