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I've seen a lot of series finales and I got to say that as much as I loved the show, its ups and downs, this finale was so terribly unsatisfying. French court is a state of wtf, England is meh, the only story that they managed to rush to a conclusion was the death of Mary and even in that the only satisfying part was just Mary dying and reuniting with Francis, they did nothing to tie up any other parts of that, especially the glaring hole of what the heck was Bash's promise to be there for her when she really needs it? Why even have him promise if they couldn't even deliver. I mean, pretty sure this moment is when she needs him the most and where is he, napping in the woods on a sabbatical?

It's just so frustrating for a show that had so much potential to end just really meh, the only satisfaction was Mary and Francis reuniting and if that's all the show can deliver on then it's just really badly written finale.

The flashback montage honestly is just bitter, reminding me of all the potential that this show could have been but in the end wasn't.
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