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So...there it is. The end of a very significant part of my life. It has been an immense pleasure sharing this journey with all of you. It might be the end of the show, but not the end of this fandom.

Overall, I really enjoyed the finale. I'm still processing and drying my tears, but I will try to organize my thoughts.

- The return of James! That was so sweet. And I loved that James was the one to recover the baby and bring him back to Mary, and the she named him James in honor of her brother. I for one am glad that Reign never showed James betraying her.
- Oh Darnley. As awful as it was to leave his infant son IN THE WOODS , I still feel sorry for the guy. He knew something was terribly wrong with him.
- NGL, I cheered a little bit when Mary told Bothwell to kill her husband. Unfortunately, Darnley was already her undoing.
- Darnley surviving the explosion and Bothwell having to kill Darnley with his bare hands.
- It was so painful seeing Mary ripped apart from her son again.

- I have to admit... I felt a little sorry Nicole.
- Catherine was pretty masterful at bringing her boys back together again. Those stupid, ungrateful boys mocking their mother, though. The witch was right... neither of them could hold a candle to Catherine's "Golden Child" Francis. A better man, and a better king than they could ever be.
- WTH was that crazy witch threesome with Catcisse!! I saw the spoilers so I knew it was coming...but I still don't quite know what was happening. Catcisse were both drugged and Narcisse's child was the price for freeing them from the darkness? The witch invited the devil into the threesome and Catherine tried to kill her - but she wouldn't die??? At least parts of it were pretty hot.
- Sad that we only got to meet Margo for a minute. Interesting that she was key to Catherine's survival.
- Sad that Luc left and we never got to see if he and Claude could work things out.
- In general, we really got no closure on French Court, and it's super disappointing. It was clear that their storyline was only meant to be a set up for Season 5. Hate that they ended a magnificent character like Catherine de Medici like that.
- No problem that fan fiction can't fix????????

- Elizabeth's speech to the Archduke and then her rallying her troops dressed in armor. Rachel rocked it.
- Lizzy's anger management issues, murdering Jane. Honestly, I didn't feel sorry for the servant. She betrayed Elizabeth because of things that she didn't even do!

- I thought the whole thing was very well done. The scene where James visits Elizabeth. LOVED that we got to see "Golden Age" Lizzy with the awesome costume and pale skin. Elizabeth's speech convincing Mary's son to abandon her got me really emotional. Rachel was brilliant!
- The execution itself was so well done. The emotion on Ade's face. I'm grateful they didn't show any of the gory details. Part of me wishes they could have incorporated the phrase, "In my end lies my beginning" - or perhaps her Ode to France. But overall, I thought it packed the right emotional punch. Even if Adelaide still looked really young.
- I loved the beautiful montage at the end, but... I suppose I would have preferred that they use that time to give us a little more closure on a few more characters and storylines. Perhaps with a voiceover reading a letter describing what happened to them.
- FRARY REUNION IN THE AFTERLIFE!!!!!!! Ok...So tbh, this was the only thing I needed and it was EVERYTHING. I was so nervous that I would be disappointed, but it exceeded all of my expectations. I'm so happy, grateful and relieved. They are together now - fully united and at peace. Now we have more Frary kisses, Frary quotes, and Frary parallels to fangirl over.
I love you, Mary Stuart. Forever.

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