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Love the GIFset, Adie. *saves*

Originally Posted by Ellfoy (View Post)
So there you have a list of TV couple kissing or sexing and in the middle of it : "Bellamy stroking Clarke's face". I'm not joking, this is real. And the hilarious part is that Bellarke is winning this thing by far (40%).
That is pretty ironic if you think about it. I'll go vote now too.

And the face stroking ... I cannot get over how tender his touch is there.

April, again so sorry about this. I know how much you were looking forward to meeting him ... you will eventually, I'm very sure. So, hope this doesn't dissuade you from trying to meet him at future cons.

I really wonder when we'll get a Beliza panel again ... we seriously haven't had one since 2015 and this year, we almost had the two panels/photoshoots but those didn't pan out due various circumstances.
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