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Also did I just watch....
I couldn't believe my eyes. It's not that I'd put it past the writers after everything I've seen, but it's such a waste to have her end like that. I understand maybe they thought they'd have another season, but isn't it better to be careful, write something better just in case they'll have to wrap things there? I can't imagine they never once suspected they'd get axed once they reached syndication.

Completely agree. I wasn't expecting it at all and it definitely made it that much more special. I always loved them together but forgot just HOW much until we saw him again waiting for her.
Hey, I'm not gonna lie: I cried. I was literally in tears. I was expecting to enjoy the episode, not to be hit right in the feels lol.

She suffered for so long. But it's over now. She has found peace.
I thought about it a little, of course if the viewer is Catholic they're likely to believe that's afterlife and there's nothing more real but even if you don't believe that you know she does. Perhaps she's just, like, hallucinating Francis right as she's passing from life to death but that's where her peace lies. I think it's really touching and beautiful. She's finds herself where she was her happiest: with him, in France, young and free. I might cry again while I finish typing this
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