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Originally Posted by drunkalice (View Post)
It was a good episode for Reign, but it did feel rushed as a finale and I think the flashforward was added into the script last minute when they learned about the cancellation. Only that can explain the fact that no character had closure other than Mary and it's a bit disappointing, if I'm being frank.

The whole final montage was nice and left me in tears but I'm not sure it was needed considering that maybe that time could have been used to give said closure to others? Besides, I didn't need flashbacks from season 3 and even 4 I think, it's been two minutes, I remember it all thank you very much. If they'd stuck to season 1 it would have left a better impression of how Mary was only ever happy in France.

Anyway, Reign was always a little silly and it does have a history of clumsy choices. It's part of why I both loved and hated it at times. I feel blessed for seeing Francis again, it might be because I wasn't spoiled but I didn't expect it.

It was a hell of a ride. It's been a pleasure, guys.
All this. ALL OF IT! lived the montage, but would have preferred closure.

Also did I just watch....
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