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Love the results, Amelia! Thanks for putting it together. And yay for Linctavia at number one, and all my picks are on the top 5 list.

First one to do a list this round. Aren't you guys proud of me?

Sarah's Top 5 Bloopers from The 100

1. Almost Breaking the Clapboard

--> Third GIF under cut due to language:

In which Bob/Marie act like legit siblings. I love how they freaked out a bit after the
clapboard almost broke and then the totally adorable moment of "Here, hold my hand."

2. We Shouldn't Do That

First two GIFs under cut due to language:


I love how Bob smoothly transitioned into joking about the Marie blooper and how Marie
deftly slipped in the Octavia line in there. #likebosses

3. G-Something


Hilarious due to the unintentional sexual connotation. Also,
Lindsey's reaction just cracks me up because it's exactly like how I would react.

4. Boom! Out.


I loved that Bob randomly did the whole "Boom! Out." sequence.

5. Eliza's Tongue

Her facial expression is just awesome here.

Honorary Mention

X Devon acting like a goofball between takes


you were
n e v e r
second best.
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