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Present Story:
That Catherine and Narcisse bedroom scene really weren't needed. It had nothing to do with anything, they could have spent that valuable time wrapping up their storylines. I really didn't like Charles and Henri in it either. So pathetic.

Flash Forward:

Not too sure how i feel about it. I knew it weren't going to be amazing, but I guess I just expected more. I wanted the re-unition with F/M to be better than that and for them to use better flashbacks than they did. The song was also a poor choice for 4 seasons worth of memories.

I loved that they finally brought about Elizabeths costume. I've been waiting for that neck brace, pale face and stunning hair. Mary... not so much. She looked the same. The make-up department could have at least aged her a little bit for goodness sake.

EDIT: Bash was in it for a flash back and no, none of the characters had closure except Mary, which I guess is all that matters considering this show is about her. Still annoying though.
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