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Originally Posted by lessismore (View Post)
I am really sorry to hear this and normally I'd resist especially since we will have a new season coming. But I know Tia was talking about this for a while, and that she needs help that a board is useless without posters. I am also so sorry I couldn't be more helpful to this board. I couldn't be around much after my surgery. Unfortunately I can't promise to be more help either.

I love the show but here's very little attention for this show, and this makes it harder to keep up with the board.

So I'll try to make peace with the closure decision even if it will hurt me so much to see this board go.

I am so sorry Tia
I of course appreciate your post, I know how much you loved this show and even try to post here but it's difficult. I don't think it's fair for anyone to feel obligated because we should post because of the joy we have of posting and it's better to do that with a lot of regular posting.

I think you've been as helpful as you could and I hope in real life, you feel better.

I think I'll make peace better now for the board to go instead of it just closing to low post count which is eventually what will happen since a lot of people don't post on this board.
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