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Originally Posted by Slayerette89 (View Post)
The party thing was the worst. And she had the never to whine about it all the way up to 3.22. I was also annoyed by her insistence that her waiting in safety was also traumatic. I mean, sure it was. In a way. But nowhere near to the extent that it was for the people who did or could have gotten shot themselves. Her going "I was affected too!" to Lucas was so ugh. He was in the school the whole time and lost his uncle, you selfish nuisance.
Yup. Exactly.

Originally Posted by rossfangirl86 (View Post)
The LP scene in 3x17 is oddly one of my favorite underrated LP scenes. "I know how you are, I'm the same way." I know that scene bothered some people because he teased Peyton about the kiss then talked about Brooke but I think he was trying to put her at ease. And there was just a deep understanding between them as they sat in the darkened library together. CH really brought something special to that scene, imo. Chad played it well, he looked at Peyton/Hil with such intensity in parts of that scene. You could feel the lingering feelings there imo.
That scene was so beautiful. I loved how it turned out, speaking but not saying too much.
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