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^ Could you guys move the anti-BL stuff to the rant thread please?

The LP scene in 3x17 is oddly one of my favorite underrated LP scenes. "I know how you are, I'm the same way." I know that scene bothered some people because he teased Peyton about the kiss then talked about Brooke but I think he was trying to put her at ease. And there was just a deep understanding between them as they sat in the darkened library together. CH really brought something special to that scene, imo. Chad played it well, he looked at Peyton/Hil with such intensity in parts of that scene. You could feel the lingering feelings there imo.
"I'm kind of a pro at this next part, the 'goodbye' part. People always leave. Remember? You'll be careful, right?"
"Don't worry about me. I won't go trying to be a hero or anything. I'll be back, Peyton."
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