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Hi everyone
I haven't been here in forever But I've posted here a few years ago and I thought it's time to come back And I should probably introduce myself again

Name or nickname? Jana
Age? 29
Birthday? 19th June
Location? Germany
Interest? Ballet, Jazz Dance, Tap Dance
Favorite actors/actresses? Zac Efron, Emma Watson, Julia Roberts, and Ashley of course
Boards you visit at? Ashley, Pretty Little Liars, and Zac's when it was still active
What made you an Ashley fan? The Suite Life
What's your favorite Ashley movie/series? The Suite Life, HSM
Anything you'd like to add? Nope
September 2012 - Los Angeles - never forget!♥ Kathrin Menzinger●Zac Efron●Lucy Hale●Ian Harding
"Ian is the most giving actor I've ever worked with, I would not be able to get that place without you" Lucy on Ian
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