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Challenge: Favorite male character on a TV Show (*BONUS)

The Rules
  • Make an icon of your favorite male character on a TV Show (only one character on the icon).
  • You may use texture if you want.
  • *BONUS for this round: there will be an additional award for best use of the colour blue. You don't have to use the colour in your icon if you don't want to, but icons that don't prominently feature the colour blue will not fit to be voted on in the bonus category
  • All icons must be 100x100. No animation allowed.
  • Only 1 icon per person per submission.
  • To submit your icons, PM it to me.
  • During a challenge round, please do not display your submitted icon(s) on your LiveJournal, tumblr or at FanForum. These challenges are to remain anonymous.
  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me either here or via PM

DEADLINE: June 19th!
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