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Brooke was a much better friend after the time skip but it was too little too late for me. PH bonding over Lucas' accident was great. Even the tense scenes (when Haley was too upset to talk to anyone and Peyton respected that and gave her space) were good. I'll forever be bitter about how their friendship was handled in s3 and 4.

Peyton had her selfish moment imo, but the fandom overblows them while trying to minimize and excuse away other characters' selfishness. Especially Brooke's. I always when I see her called selfless because she was very selfish and self-centered, especially in high school. The girl couldn't even control her "but what about me?!? poor me! *pouts/stomps/whines/ cries*" when other ppl were undergoing serious traumas that did not affect her as much or at all.
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