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I was bored and just happened to be looking at Clarke gifs, Lisa. They won't all be that pretty. But thank you.

Yeah, Clarke without the flaws . . . no thanks. Her flaws are what make her human.

Honestly, though . . . I compared her to Buffy a lot because I think Buffy is one of the most important and iconic television characters of all time. Scratch that, one of the most iconic and important fictional characters in general, beyond just the scope of television. Without Buffy to pave the way, it's unlikely we end up with a character like Clarke Griffin. But one area where I feel this show actually surpasses Buffy is the moral ambiguity of its heroine's decisions. Buffy kind of walked the fine line between morally right and morally wrong--they had her flirt with the idea of embracing her dark side, but ultimately, they utilized other characters (primarily Faith) to tell that storyline. This show utilizes Clarke (and Bellamy). This show utilizes its leads to tell the darkest, most unsettling stories. That's ballsy.

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