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The 100 Board 30 Days Challenge: Let the fun begin!


Welcome to the first 30 Days Challenge thread!

Usually those kind of challenges only take up a month but we wanted something that would keep us busy during the hiatus.

The idea: Each week (starting from Monday, June 12th) we will be discussing two topics (covering two days) - in any form you want: posting your thoughts, replying to other posters or sharing your favourite fan art.

Remember to be constructive and stay respectful. But most of all, have fun!


30 Days Challenge List:

Day 1: Favourite Ark-born female character?
Day 2: Favourite Ark-born male character
Day 3: Favourite Earth-born female character?
Day 4: Favourite Earth-born male character?
Day 5: Grounders or Skaikru?
Day 6: Best leader?
Day 7: Favourite quote or reference?
Day 8: Favourite Grounder phrase
Day 9: Best warrior?
Day 10: Best fight?
Day 11: Favourite romantic ship? (canon or non-canon)
Day 12: Favourite friendship?
Day 13: Favourite family relationship?
Day 14: Favourite grounder clan?
Day 15: Favourite episode?
Day 16: Favourite season?
Day 17: Favourite cast member?
Day 18: Favourite cast friendship?
Day 19: Favourite guest star?
Day 20: Favourite minor character?
Day 21: Most heartbreaking moment?
Day 22: Happiest moment?
Day 23: Most tearful death?
Day 24: Most surprising death?
Day 25: Character(s) you didn't like at first but now like/love?
Day 26: Character(s) you think deserved better?
Day 27: Favourite song used?
Day 28: Favourite location?
Day 29: Best villain?
Day 30: If you could bring one character back, who would it be?

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