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TFTNT Chris.

Originally Posted by unspokenღwords (View Post)
Lindsay- Glad the end of the month is over. You can do it
I watched the first episode of House Of Cards and just couldn't really get into it. Maybe if I gave it another go around later. But to me it was eh. Or maybe I need to get passed the first episode? I've never heard of Narcos though.
That same thing happened to me with Master of None & Grace and Frankie: they're well-loved shows but I just don't like the shows. At the same time, I don't really watch a lot of comedies and prefer drama so there's that.

Originally Posted by Chris (View Post)
Lindsay - did you enjoy Breaking Bad? I did, but also thought it had run it's course.
I'm still on S2 and I'm really enjoying it so much. Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul are outstanding though. After a bit of Google, I'm glad to know they won awards for these roles.

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