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I guess we have to agree to disagree

Iris saved Caitlin from Peek-a-Boo. Even though it seems Caitlin has saved them or been asked to help them more times, it's only because she's a doctor and a meta. The others don't have the same means and how risky a mission against Zoom could be for a human needs to be taken into consideration.

Caitlin hasn't been shown to help Joe, Iris or Wally out of the goodness of her heart. It was always because of her role as the team doctor. And saving someone means also acknowledging their suffering and offering emotional support. Did Caitlin ever go out of her way to support people not named Barry, Cisco or Julian? Iris acknowledged that Caitlin's future also needed to be changed in 3x10, told Barry that Caitlin was still out there in 3x19, thanked her and encouraged her when she was trying to stop the decay from spreading. Even though her contributions are more limited, in those instances Iris has shown more compassion towards Caitlin than the hero of the show. That's why I don't think she (or even Joe, Wally and HR) deserves Caitlin's anger and resentment as much as Barry.

Not only Caitlin hasn't shown to be that compassionate towards Iris, Joe and Wally, she actually worked against them when she kept that piece of the stone. She jeopardized Iris' safety even though at the time the handcuffs and necklace Cisco and Julian built were shown to be working.

That's why I don't think Caitlin has been wronged more than any other character. By Barry? Sure. The writing is biased towards Barry so if he wants something everyone eventually obliges but he can avoid offering as much support in return. Wronged by the others? No.

Iris has everyone worried for the sole reason that Barry loves her. I actually think that for someone who is not a #1 priority, Caitlin is treated pretty well as Cisco and Julian are very caring. When the writers forgot that WestAllen was a thing in S2 Iris didn't get support and comfort from anyone. Eddie committed suicide in front of her and where was her hug? Because Caitlin got the hug from Barry and got to express her PoV over Ronnie's death immediately after it happened. Heck, Caitlin almost got a hug from Iris whose boyfriend had died minutes before! Barry comforted Iris only when the writers wanted to go all the way with WestAllen. And it was the same with the Francine storyline. Barry and Joe were nowhere to be found apart from the occasional scene.

Now I'm back to being bitter over S2. This season is flawed but nothing beats the crap that was S2.

All story short, the family line from Barry was definitely BS. There are "cliques" on the team. They all love Barry but the show has mostly failed to show the friendship and closeness between the characters outside of him. There's balance in how little they care for each other.
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