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I hope this thing with Savitar won't end up being really stupid and anticlimactic

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
and you don't have to kill off the villain. the third option is she's not around all the time but pops up regularly. she's a sometimes antagonist, sometimes unexpected ally whose motives are cloudy.

and i also don't think she needs to be redeemed. even if she did kill off a main character. because now there's a lasting consequence to the story. it changes everything. that's what made eobard great, was the scene where he kills cisco.

its kind of like captain cold... where he's kind of evil, kind of not, but generally has an ulterior motive for helping even when he does. but he's not also totally redeemed but you can see sometimes the conflict.
I can't accept Killer Frost as a unexpected ally if she kills a main character, and by main character I mean someone in Barry's inner circle, a loved one. That didn't happen with Captain Cold. Arrow did it with Malcolm Merlyn and the character has overstayed his welcome.

If Iris had died and Killer Frost had had a hand in her demise, the last thing I would have wanted is for Barry to have occasional team-ups with her. No. He should have hated her like his future self did. And I would say the same if she killed Joe/Cisco/Wally, etc.

And I'm okay with her being like Captain Cold but we see him four times per season tops

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
it pains me to say this and i know its not how the show feels - but she's basically an after thought as caitlain. and its not just because they just have her standing at a computer desk but its because of the lack of importance relatively speaking placed on the character. because outside or hr, she's basically low member on he totem pole...

which why making her a villain makes so much bloody sense to me, lol. because she could have anger and resentment and issues with things and now you give these powers and gd...its so easy and simple its perfect. because in all seriousness, outside of cisco and her seasonal LI... unless an episode calls specifically for someone else to care... there's really no evidence to support her place. again, i'm aware the show doesn't share that pov but i think its true.
I can understand this viewpoint if we are talking about Barry specifically but not so much if we are talking about the rest of the main cast.

The people who have been shown to care the most about Caitlin are Cisco and Julian. But then who are the people Caitlin cares the most for? Certainly not HR, Iris, Joe and Wally. If Caitlin is not shown to jump through hoops to "save" and comfort them then why should she have any anger and resentment towards them for not doing the same when she is the one in need?

Now with Barry is different because he is the lead and has shown flashes of selfishness and carelessness. I love Barry but it's true. Neither the show nor Caitlin share this viewpoint though. The Killer Frost episode was the exception but there has been no follow-through. Now it's canon that Killer Frost is working with Savitar because he has a pretty face that she can trust.

It's also true that Caitlin is the only character who wasn't grilled by Barry for "sabotaging", inadvertently or not, his #SaveIris mission. In the same episode that has Barry kick Wally out the team for keeping his Savitar visions a secret, Caitlin is forgiven for hiding a piece of the stone. Should Wally, Joe and Iris resent her for that?
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