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We don't know what the cliffhanger is. Let's wait and see I'm not pulling for another change to the timeline though.

The thing with Killer Frost is, she was never going to be pure evil because she can't be killed off. If she were responsible for Iris' death, how could she be redeemed? How could Barry welcome her back with open arms? I believe that's the reason why the show put in there those flashes of doubt. They were trying to protect Caitlin and her place on the team.

The writers had two options here:

a) make her evil and eventually kill her off;

b) make her have doubts so that she could be redeemed somewhere along the way.

If she had crossed the line here, it would have been game over for Caitlin. They can stretch the storyline into S4, maybe she will even kill some randoms. She could be a morally grey guest star a la Captain Cold but I doubt that will ever happen because the showrunners love the actress and the Team Flash set-up.

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not really? i mean, yeah, but only because grodd was mind controlling her.

i mean, she joined the injustice league and league of super villains, suicide squad and most recently of course the justice league, etc..... but none of those partnerships last a long time if i remember correctly. she generally was kind of a lone wolf type or someone who was at the fringes of belonging to a group.
Okay, thanks
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