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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
What do you mean?
oh, just that when she said that barry didn't care what he screwed up because he ended up iris. in a lot of ways, that's been proven true to various degrees during the season. which makes sense from the show's pov given the importance of iris to barry and their relationship - and how it's her death alone that pushes barry over the edge and into the dark to let savitar be born - but it also makes the villain right in this instance, at least, to some degree.
unfortunately, its something that won't ever get expanded on and was jsut used as a one off line as an "evil" side of caitlain said. when do right when right, villains delivering hard truths can make for compelling waching imo because so many times shows / movies portray heroes as in the right and good that when something does it correctly, it really can be interesting having the villain point out the flaws in a hero and not just have them blame the hero for something - ala savitar blaming him - when yeah, a hero imprisioning a villain is normally how it works - but rather when the villain points out a valid flaw or character trait or traits.

which brings me to the issue i'm having right now... the story's been fine and has made some sense - at least in how important iris is if not savitar's explanation, etc which was dumb - but how does this lead into getting people excited for season 4?

presuming iris is alive because i can't see them killing her off and caitlain's back or at worse, killer frost is "redeemed" and savitar's obviously defeated... sure there are the returning characters that might help but for me personally, the idea of flash point was really intriguing heading into season 3. heading into season 4............. ? is barry potentially imprisoning himself in the speed force to understand sacrifice suppose to be that ?

I was thinking about Killer Frost for the first half but she's already on her way of being redeemed
yep. wish i could say i was surprised... but it just kind of goes to show that while this might have lasted longer than it had in the past... it's not something more than a brief tease in their eyes. similar to flash point or earth two, barry being evil now with savitar... its good for a few episode run but by then it's served its purpose and its back to the "better" reality of all of them standing around star labs and none of them really doing anything.

what i imagine might happen is they'll have her keep her powers - maybe - but she'll still just stand at a computer desk or screen and even now and then might use them just to remind people that she has them or they'll have a new necklace made out of stronger material or something, etc...

kind of like various other characters and story lines that could have been interested and changed the dynamic of the show and developed characters in their own right that were sacrificed for various reasons and in the names of the holy star labs set and having everyone there - killer frost will ultimately fall victim to the same power. do not underestimate the power of the lab.

i mean... in reality... it was all of one episode and part of another, so one and a half? episodes.. we saw killer frost as a true villain for one episode in 3x20 and a scene in 3x19 where she escapes. then starting in 3x21 she's already on the road to being redeemed and caitlain retaking control. by the end of the episode. basically it was a slightly cooler version of the time we saw killer frost on earth two but will ultimately end up being just as pointless and meaningless in terms of the show.

Doesn't Killer Frost team up with the Rogues in the comics?
not really? i mean, yeah, but only because grodd was mind controlling her.

i mean, she joined the injustice league and league of super villains, suicide squad and most recently of course the justice league, etc..... but none of those partnerships last a long time if i remember correctly. she generally was kind of a lone wolf type or someone who was at the fringes of belonging to a group.
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