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true, but that kind of stuff regarding a contract probably would be kept until the end of the season and the reveal of who they villain was going to be.

and yeah, the promo says that barry went back in time before he "died" so that's how he's alive, etc.

as for KF... i just don't see it. don't get me wrong, i'v been dying for KF - this version more than e2 - but i just don't see it them letting that happen. i think even if she is KF she'll be back at star labs before we know it, one way or the other...

and if captain cold is back... you don't really need two villains / characters using cold technology or cold powers on the same show. i know they have two or more speedsters but that's a little different in that one of them is the titular character of the show and the other is his adoptive brother and part of the first family of the show, so to speak
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