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i see...

and yeah, it will all end up for the beter as far as hte characters are concerned.

savitar will be defeated, iris isn't going to die, cisco won't lose his hands, etc...

for some reason i feel like hR will bite the dust because of his face changing thing and savitar will kill "iris" but not realy iris......

a clear end game would be nice but i doubt it. given how they have butchered savitar's story since the "explanation" i expect it will be equally messed up. i don't really have any high hopes... i'm just waiting for either savitar to betray killer frost or for caitlain to pop out. or both.


and in reality....KF wasn't wrong in 3x09. which in theory would make more sense for her to stick around but i doubt that happens.


i have a feeling like captain cold and the rogues will be the season 4 villain as barry continues to create - in some ways - the problems rather than solving them. he really doesn't learn from his mistakes or decisions. i understand WHY he makes some of the decisions he does - but at the same time, learning from your past would be nice as well


it won't be iris and it shouldn't be - but i do think the show is getting to the point where having a main character die off might pump some life into the show. i don't buy the funeral set photos will actually end up really having been a "main" character. best bet is either HR posing as iris in disguise in which cause wells comes back, etc... or maybe if KF sticks around she kills off julian to complete the transformation or if they kill savitar, maybe they bury him but that would be a tad weird.
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