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Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
yes, but my point was that does nothing for big picture. without a broken barry from iris death... the rest of team flash would continue to be an issue. and since we saw the future where we first learned KF / Savitar did team up, that either lead to or occurred after Iris's death leading to emo barry to savitar, etc. so i just don't see how it turning into him wanting her to kidnap and not kill iris makes a ton of sense.... not that savitar existing because the guys were dicks to him makes much sense either.
The theory included Barry seeing Iris die. From his perspective, she'd be dead and gone. That way Barry could still be driven so far into the dark to create Savitar. The team would also be broken and not an issue anymore.

Anyway, this is pointless because a) Savitar will be defeated b) even if he does get Iris then he can't be Savitar. He can't be a God that feels no pain and be in love at the same time.

I apologize because this show is confusing enough. No reason for me to add a theory that has currently no basis in canon.

I just hope the writers will tie the loose ends and give both Savitar and Killer Frost a clear endgame.
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