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Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
yeah, but to still a line from scar "are we/they?" changing the future? its so confusing right now as to what does and doesn't impact the future and what rules there are or aren't.
It's confusing but Savitar also needs for some things to change unless he plans on reentering the loop and get stuck in the Speed Force.

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
meh. not really though because there's nothing in that for her. we've talked about kind of wanting to know what her end game is... but in that scenario...uh, i can't think of one?
Forget my theory. We know that Killer Frost attacks Vibe. I assume she wants to cut off his powers because she makes a point to say "Bye bye Vibe", not "Bye bye Cisco". Maybe she is doing it because that is what she wants. Or she's just following Savitar's orders waiting for her reward. Whatever he endgame is, I believe it plays into Savitar's plans.

My point is, even if Savitar wants to neutralize Vibe so that he can't find Iris, that doesn't prevent Killer Frost from doing it for her own personal reasons.

I like that theory because I'm still struggling with the idea that any version of Barry would kill Iris. From my perspective, that scenario doesn't strip Killer Frost of her agency any more than following Savitar's other orders did.
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