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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
Nothing. The future is changing. Tracy was supposed to develop the tech only four years later. Maybe if HR and Tracy had met under different circumstances they wouldn't have fallen in "like".
yeah, but to still a line from scar "are we/they?" changing the future? its so confusing right now as to what does and doesn't impact the future and what rules there are or aren't.

That is exactly what other fans are speculating. At first I thought that Savitar was just trying to neutralize the team metas so that only Barry could take part in the final showdown. It was weird that every time they vibed the future there was no Wally or Cisco there to help Barry, only Wells with a rifle on the roof.
wally makes no sense unless he is more hurt than what he appears from scar's attack in the coming episode... although that wouldn't explain how he was then able to try to confront savitar after he killed iris in the future....

and cisco could be easily explained if he's off confronting killer frost.

yeah, the main issue with that is there is so much an easier way if that was his plan -

go back to when barry's in a coma and take iris. there'd be no vibe back then to find out, no knowledge then of jessie or the other earth's yet and barry would have lost iris when he woke up, which could in theory, help to ensure your existence in the future.

if i just wanted to steal iris or a version of iris, that's what i'd do. it'd be anticlimatic and not make for great tv and a little like thawne going back in time to kill barry, etc... but it'd work and it be a helluva lot easier and less complicated.

i mean, that way might not leave barry totally alone - maybe he becomes the flash and maybe he doesn't - but who knows if wally would come to town then, etc.. and what else might get changed. and since time travel rules odn't seem to imply anymore, etc, etc... it'd be so simple, i'd have iris, they'd have no way of trying to find me and barry would brood and become me in the future. easy.

The theory about Killer Frost freezing Cisco's hands to prevent him from finding Iris is so much better though.
meh. not really though because there's nothing in that for her. we've talked about kind of wanting to know what her end game is... but in that scenario...uh, i can't think of one?

i mean, iris' death and the collapse of team flash serve her interest in that unless savitar were to betray her, not having a flash around or vibe, or kid flash would mean that there was no one to challenge her freedom.

barry would never stop looking for iris, nor would wally, so even if its just barry - who then probably would run back in time, etc. - but even if not would probably hate her as he does in the future, there's a threat to her freedom, etc without cisco's powers.

the destruction of team flash from KF's point of view all but guarantees her freedom. not only is iris gone but barry's neutralized, basically by emotions, wally's cripped as is cisco. so her motivation for wanting that is fairly straight forward.

Maybe SaviBarry is trying to duplicate Iris, he kills one copy to trick Barry while keeping the other for himself. Perhaps that is what happened originally as well but something went wrong and both Irises died I need to stop
hey, it could be possible right now. who knows. but yeah, too many theories, questions compared to answers = head pain.

that being said, its pretty darn late to have that reveal pop up seemingly from no where regarding his secret motivation.

I don't like the shows explanation because they're making me feel sorry for the villain. This is crazy. What's even crazier is that they managed to paint Barry and what was left of the team in a very bad light. They shunned SaviBarry because he wasn't the true Barry. Really?
yeah, the one i could maybe see doing it is barry because of his ability to brood and self doubt / hate, etc...everyone else? not as much.

this would have been so much better if they would have stuck with the basics of the future flash story, maybe changed a few things, etc... but kept that around and then he future flash sticks around heading into season 4 for a little while and changes the future, etc....

but right now there's less than zero percent chance of savitar sticking around past 3x23... and he's not even the future flash. he's the future copy of the future flash....
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