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Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
lol, true... but then what happened with this budding romance between HR and tracy? not that i really care but still...
Nothing. The future is changing. Tracy was supposed to develop the tech only four years later. Maybe if HR and Tracy had met under different circumstances they wouldn't have fallen in "like".

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
that would be interesting... but unless he had a way to prevent cisco from vibing - he'd be able to find iris. unless of course something happened to cisco's hands:eek
That is exactly what other fans are speculating. At first I thought that Savitar was just trying to neutralize the team metas so that only Barry could take part in the final showdown. It was weird that every time they vibed the future there was no Wally or Cisco there to help Barry, only Wells with a rifle on the roof.

The theory about Killer Frost freezing Cisco's hands to prevent him from finding Iris is so much better though. Maybe SaviBarry is trying to duplicate Iris, he kills one copy to trick Barry while keeping the other for himself. Perhaps that is what happened originally as well but something went wrong and both Irises died I need to stop

I don't like the shows explanation because they're making me feel sorry for the villain. This is crazy. What's even crazier is that they managed to paint Barry and what was left of the team in a very bad light. They shunned SaviBarry because he wasn't the true Barry. Really?
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